Pricing Calculator
Pricing Calculator
If you are already familiar with our editing and design packages, you can use our handy Pricing Calculator to work up a quick, unofficial estimate to complete your title. Just click the image to the left.

If you are not familiar with Two Peas Publishing’s pricing structure, please visit our pricing tables.


Black and White Bookblock Pricing

Small paperbackLarge paperbackSmall hardcoverLarge hardcoverSmall combo*Large combo*
Page count(0-300 pgs)(300-500 pgs)(0-300 pgs)(300-500 pgs)(0-300 pgs)(300-500 pgs)
True Custom Cover$500$500$700$700$1,000$1,000
True Custom Interior$400$700$400$700$400$700
Up to 20 black and white interior imagesincludedincludedincludedincludedincludedincluded
Setup, distribution, and proofs$144.50$144.50*$144.50*$144.50*$289*$289
Total Design and Production$1,044.50$1,344.50$1,244.50$1,544.50$1,689$1,989


Editing Packages
(choose one)

Editing prices are based on a 100,000-word manuscript and will vary for smaller projects.
Copy Editing$1,000$1,250$1,000$1,250$1,000$1,250
Total Package Price$2,044.50$2,594.50$2,244.50$2,794.50$2,689$3,239


Line Editing$1,500$1,750$1,500$1,750$1,500$1,750
Total Package Price**$2,544.50$3,094.50$2,744.50$3,294.50**$3,189$3,739


Content Editing$2,000$2,250$2,000$2,250$2,000$2,250
Total Package Price$3,044.50$3,594.50$3,244.50$3,794.50$3,689$4,239


(International Standard Book Number)


Ingram Advance Catalog$60 for 1 month$60 for 1 month$60 for 1 month$60 for 1 month$60 for 1 month$60 for 1 month
Ingram Advance is a monthly catalog that is mailed to booksellers and libraries around the world. Titles are eligible to be included in Ingram Advance only once, when they are first released. Ingram will produce a short paragraph describing the title. Retail pricing information, and a black & white cover image will also be included.


Kindle/ePub Conversion$50$50$50$50$50$50
Conversion to the open standard ePub eBook format makes your title compatible with eReaders such as Barnes & Noble's Nook. Conversion to Kindle format makes your title compatible with's Kindle. In addition to converting your book to eBook format, we can offer your title for sales as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in Google eBooks. The Google eBooks inclusion is a free service, as noted below.


Library of Congress Control Number (PCN)FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
If your title is eligible for an LCCN through Two Peas Publishing, we can submit it for you. Eligibility information for obtaining an LCCN through Two Peas and other publishers like Two Peas can be found at The Library of Congress.


Amazon Search Inside This BookFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree contends that books listed with the "Search Inside This Book" feature enabled sell better than books that do not allow searching. "Search Inside This Book" allows Amazon customers to browse a portion of the book's contents, much the way a brick-and-mortar bookstore customer will flip through the pages of a book in the store to determine whether that book is right for him or her. Two Peas Publishing can optionally enable's "Search Inside This Book" on your title.


Bowker's Books in PrintFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Bowker's Books in Print is a bibliographic database of books. The Books in Print database is referenced by publishers, libraries, and booksellers alike.


Optional Google Books Inclusion with Limited PreviewFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Google Books is Google's vast library of scanned books. Two Peas Publishing is a Google Books Partner. We can optionally include a limited preview of your book in Google Books. The text of your book will be indexed by Google's search engine, which can result in more visibility for your title.


Optional Inclusion in Google EditionsFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Two Peas Publishing is a Google Editions partner. We can optionally include your book in Google eBooks, where readers can purchase it to read online. Just like the purchase of the print edition of your book, you will receive royalties from the sale of your book through Google Editions.

*100% cotton fabric cover w/gold foil author/title on spine add $25.00
**our most popular packages!

Color Bookblock Pricing

Color books vary dramatically in size, page count, and complexity. Please contact us for a customized quote.