Don Meyer’s ‘The American War’ Now Available

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The American War

The American War

In the summer of 1969, elements of the 101st Airborne went back to the A Shau Valley in South Vietnam. In the summer of 1864, the 10th Vermont, part of General Ricketts’ Third Division, marched into the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Sam Kensington was at both campaigns.

Sam, who is the creation of author Don Meyer, is a Vietnam-era soldier who ultimately finds himself fighting two very different campaigns in two very different wars: one in his present day and one nearly a century in the past. In The American War (ISBN: 9781938271014, Two Peas Publishing), Meyer follows Sam as he fights alongside fellow soldiers in both wars while desperately trying to come to terms with what’s happening to him.

The American War is available from and other retailers in both paperback and eBook formats.

New Science Fiction eBook “Timecast” Now Available

Thursday, January 5, 2012



Haunted by guilt and loneliness after a car accident that left the love of his life indefinitely comatose, an aging high school physical science teacher schemes to restore his wife to health and vitality by using the advanced space-time theories of quantum physics to change history.

Based in part on the speculations and published conjectures of theoretical physicists past and present, Timecast (ISBN: 9780983761082) is a novelette that explores the nature of humanity, companionship, and the individual’s relationship to the universe through one man’s desperate need to set his life on a different path.

An ornery lawn-mowing neighbor and a confused, but concerned, English teacher become the old man’s first experiment and sounding board as he struggles to regain that which he believes his own youthful foolishness robbed him of twenty years before.

Can he set things right? Time will tell.

Timecast is now available for download on Kindle, Nook, and iPad. It will also soon be available as a Google eBook and for Kobo.

New Children’s Book Focuses on Dealing with Natural Disasters

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Little Toad and the Big Flood

The Little Toad and the Big Flood

When Middle Tennessee residents Jill and Ben Johnson experienced the devastation of the May 2010 floods that destroyed many residents’ homes and lives, they found a unique way to process the experience: by writing and illustrating a children’s book based on the true events of the flood and the story a little toad who happened to have made a residence under the family’s movable basketball goal.

It isn’t the first time Little Toad has seen heavy rain, so he has little trouble falling asleep in the comfortable home he has made for himself under the basketball goal. In fact, the sound of the rain lulls him into a dream in which he finds himself comfortably adrift on a boat, rocking gently back and forth on the waves.

When Little Toad awakes, he discovers that the pleasant dream in his head was kindled by a nightmarish reality. The heavy rain has poured for so long that his home under the basketball goal is flooded. His leaf bed is floating atop the muddy brown water.

Frightened, Little Toad flees his home for the safety of a tall tree. From there, he watches his comfortable basketball goal home float away.

Where will he live now? Where can he go to hide from bigger animals who might eat him?

The Johnsons hope that the story of Little Toad can be used to help child victims of natural disasters cope with the reality of the situation. The Little Toad and the Big Flood (ISBN: 978-0983761075) is now available to booksellers from Two Peas Publishing and to the public from and other retailers.

The Turning Thanks Cookbook Now Available; Profits Donated to Church

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Turning Thanks Cookbook

The Turning Thanks Cookbook

When families from the American South gather around the dinner table, the meal is often preceded by the following interrogatory prompt: “who wants to turn thanks?” What we mean is: “will someone please step up and take the lead in thanking our Lord for the food that we are about to consume?” We are returning gratitude for the bountiful harvest before us. We are “turning thanks.”

In The Turning Thanks Cookbook (ISBN: 978-0983761068), you will find a few of the many favorite recipes that the families of the Mt. Wesley Akin Nazarene Church in Southern Middle Tennessee turn thanks for on a regular basis. And you will learn a little about the church and our community along the way.

Two Peas Publishing is donating all profits from the sale of this title directly to Mt. Wesley Akin Church of the Nazarene. Copies of the cookbook can be purchased directly from Two Peas.

New Christian Fiction Available from Author Lisa Kaye Presley

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Orphans

The Orphans

There was something strange about the man who was being attacked by the angry mob of villagers in the streets of Jerusalem that day. Timothy, an orphan living on the streets, couldn’t put his finger on it before he was whisked away by Rachael, a kind villager. Rachael and her husband Samuel offer Timothy and his little sister Sarah a place to live and earn their keep, teaching them to be thankful to God for all they have.

So begins the story of The Orphans, a new work of Christian fiction for both children and adults by author Lisa Kaye Presley. The story follows Timothy and Sarah as they adjust to life in their new religious home, learning about God and a mysterious man that Samuel calls “Master.” The the day arrives for the family to go and meet this “Master.” Timothy prepares for the long trip and uncovers his own joy and peace along the way.

The Orphans is now available in both paperback (ISBN: 9780983761006) and eBook (ISBN: 9780983761013) formats from Two Peas Publishing.

Lisa Kaye Presley is a writer living in Donelson, Tennessee. She has lived in Nashville for more than 30 years and considers it home. Her work has been published in The Tennessean and Nashville Banner newspapers. She is currently working on a historical novel about Nashville from the period beginning with the 1918 Influenza epidemic and through the end of World War II.



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