We work with many first-time authors. In many cases they never dreamed they would be able to see their words in print. This outline is designed to help our authors understand how publishing with Two Peas works.

  1. First, you submit your manuscript to our Executive Editor for review. Please see our Manuscript Submission Guidelines for more information.
  2. Our Executive Editor will review your manuscript. This can take a couple of weeks, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away.
  3. If our Executive Editor feels your manuscript is a good match for Two Peas Publishing, we’ll contact you with a written quote.
  4. You’ll sign the quote and return it with your deposit.

During the development phase, you’ll work with both our Editing Department and our Design Department at the same time.


  1. Our Executive Editor will edit your manuscript based on the editing package you have chosen.
  2. You’ll receive your edited manuscript via email.
  3. You choose whether or not to incorporate the Editor’s changes into your manuscript.


  1. You submit your photos, illustrations, and/or other images to our Creative Director, along with your ideas for how you would like the cover to look. Please see our Image Submission Guidelines for more information.
  2. Our Creative Director will create a custom cover design for your book (we do not use templates). You’ll receive PDF proofs at each stage of the creative development.
  3. Once the editing is completed, our Creative Director will create the custom interior design for your book to coordinate with the cover.

The time frame on the development phase varies widely depending upon the length of your book, the number of revisions needed, the number of projects currently in development, and many other factors.


Finally, once you have approved all of the Editing and Design work, your book is ready to go to print! Our Creative Director will prepare the files and send them off to Lightning Source.

  1. We’ll receive a proof in the mail.
  2. After we’ve reviewed the proof, we’ll send it to you with an approval form.
  3. Once you’ve approved the proof by signing and returning the form, your book will be officially complete! It will become available on amazon.com and Ingram’s other distribution partners (see Distribution Services for more information) and you can order copies for yourself.

You’re a published author!