To help us create the book of your dreams, it is important that you use the following guidelines when submitting your manuscript to us for editing and/or formatting.

Two Peas Publishing accepts manuscripts of most genres. However, we do not publish blatantly exploitative works, such as pornography or personal/political manifestos. Two Peas Publishing reserves the right to reject any manuscript that we feel does not fit our company’s image, needs or goals, at any time and for any reason.

File Types
Please submit your final manuscript as a single file in Micrsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).

Please submit your manuscript in a readable 12 point font, such as Times New Roman or Courier. We strongly prefer Times New Roman for readability. Bold and Italics will be retained in your text when it is formatted. Create headings in larger type.

If you use the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature during the editing process, make sure that all tracked changes have been accepted or rejected and all comments have been removed before the manuscript is sent for formatting. This especially applies if you’ve used an editing service other than Two Peas. You will be able to proof your text after the layout has been completed. However, that review is intended to catch mistakes in formatting, not to edit your story.

Please include any dedication information in your manuscript.

Table of Contents
Please include any table of contents information you want in your manuscript. However, the page numbers in your manuscript will not be the same as the page numbers in the typeset book. Two Peas will set and format the correct page numbers.

Section Breaks
Use three asterisks *** on a separate line to indicate a section break. Do not use Word’s section break option. You should also turn off Microsoft Word’s AutoFormat feature. Otherwise, the three asterisks will become a solid line.

See a sample of a section break

Excerpted Material (Block Quotes)
Block quotes should be formatted as shown below.

<Begin excerpting>
Excerpted material
<End excerpting>

See a sample of a block quote

Pull Quotes
Pull quotes should be formatted as shown below:

<begin pullquote>
Some books include Pull Quotes
<end pullquote>

This indicator should come at the end of the paragraph containing the pull quote.

See a sample of a pull quote

Bulleted lists should use only the standard solid black-dot bullet style like the ones below. If special bullet graphics will be part of your layout, we will work with you to create and insert them.

  • Bullet number 1
  • Bullet number 2
  • Bullet number 3

Use the endnotes function in Word. Footnotes can require extra work and might result in additional charges.

Noting Image Placement and Captions in Your Manuscript
Please indicate in your manuscript where you would like your images to be placed. Use the appropriate image name, file type, and caption.

Text before image

<insert image SuziesCat.tif>
<caption> Suzie plays with her cat on the patio

Text after image

Please see our Image Submission Guidelines for more information.