Book Cover Design
We use no templates at Two Peas Publishing! Every cover is custom-designed by a professional designer with more than 10 years of experience. We’ll take your ideas and the images you provide (if appropriate) and use them to create a complete cover that you will be proud of.

Your book cover design includes:

  • Cover image or images
  • Title and Sub-Title
  • Author’s name
  • ISBN barcode (if using)
  • Back cover sell text (provided by you)
  • Author photo (provided by you) if desired
  • Hardcovers only also include flap text (provided by you)

Your cover can include images you provide (see our submission guidelines for details) or royalty-free stock photography*. We can even scan your images if you don’t have the equipment to do that. We’ll crop, color correct, and size your images. We can even do all sorts of cool textures, composites, and special effects to create a cover that will jump off the book store shelves.

We can create a dust jacket for a hardcover book, full cover for a trade paperback book, or we can adapt the same design to both formats if you like.

* Royalty-free images pricing varies widely. Your designer will provide you with pricing based on the images you choose.

Interior Page Design
We don’t use templates for the inside of your book, either. Fonts, margins, headers, and folios are all custom-designed to coordinate with your cover. Your book will have a major-imprint look both inside and out!

Your interior page design includes:

  • Custom design for section title pages, chapter title pages, and regular text pages.
  • Correction of extra white space, paragraph indents, mixed fonts, headers and footers, page numbering, proper order of front material, and an updated table of contents.
  • Text formatting does not correct typos, misspellings, incorrect wording, incorrect punctuation, or other editorial issues. These issues should be addressed during the editing process.

Insertion of images
Illustrations and photographs can make your text come to life. We’ll incorporate your images into the text to create a unique statement.

Image insertion includes:

  • Cropping, sizing, color correcting and placement of images (provided by you).
  • Does not include compositing, image creation, digital or hand illustration.

Creation of charts and tables
Is your subject matter more complex? Perhaps you need custom charts, diagrams, or maps. Maybe your information would be easier to understand if it were presented in table format. Our professional designer can create the graphics you need. Contact us for more information.

See our Pricing Page for some standard pricing for our design services.