New Science Fiction eBook “Timecast” Now Available

Thursday, January 5, 2012



Haunted by guilt and loneliness after a car accident that left the love of his life indefinitely comatose, an aging high school physical science teacher schemes to restore his wife to health and vitality by using the advanced space-time theories of quantum physics to change history.

Based in part on the speculations and published conjectures of theoretical physicists past and present, Timecast (ISBN: 9780983761082) is a novelette that explores the nature of humanity, companionship, and the individual’s relationship to the universe through one man’s desperate need to set his life on a different path.

An ornery lawn-mowing neighbor and a confused, but concerned, English teacher become the old man’s first experiment and sounding board as he struggles to regain that which he believes his own youthful foolishness robbed him of twenty years before.

Can he set things right? Time will tell.

Timecast is now available for download on Kindle, Nook, and iPad. It will also soon be available as a Google eBook and for Kobo.



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