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  • Tyler Tichelaar Interviews Don Meyer

    Don Meyer, author of several novels and the Vietnam War memoir The Protected Will Never Know, was recently interviewed by Tyler Tichelaar. Meyer’s latest novel, The American War, recently received the 2012 Tyler R. Tichelaar award for Best Historical Fiction. An excerpt from the interview appears below. To read the full interview see the original…

  • Two Peas Mentioned in Venture Nashville Connections

    Two Peas Publishing was mentioned in the last paragraph of a recent story on Venture Nashville Connections.

  • More Authors Turn to Web and POD recently ran a story about how more and more authors are turning to self-publishing via the Web and print-on-demand technologies. “When she was turned down by several traditional publishing houses, [Lisa] Genova decided to follow a different route: self-publishing via Web-based companies.” The full article is available at

  • Two Peas Gets Mentioned in Her Nashville

    The April 2009 issue of Her Nashville magazine mentions Two Pea Publishing in its “Her Favorites” section. “It seems like everywhere you turn, someone’s writing a book,” writes Her editor Ashley Haugen. “Well, now you can too.”

  • Writer’s Digest Examines Self-publishing

    The March/April issue of Writer’s Digest includes a whole series of articles about self-publishing, the pros and cons, and why authors who self publish should consider using professional editing and design services. The magazine is available in major bookstores and through the website.