BIZ: Business for Designers (Coming Soon)

by Paula Rozelle Hanback 

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Genre: Textbook; Education; Business; Graphic Design


In today’s competitive environment, understanding the nuts and bolts of business has become a necessity for designers. This interactive workbook combines extensive research with the author’s professional experience to create an engaging learning experience. Students work collaboratively in small groups to complete a wide range of real-world projects that will teach them basic business skills, including:

  • How to write a basic marketing plan
  • How to set a competitive and fair hourly rate
  • How to write a professional proposal
  • How to prepare and present design concepts
  • How to create basic financial reports for a small business
  • How to determine the best legal structure for their company
  • How to determine the types of insurance needed for their business
  • How to write a basic business plan



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