by Jill Johnson

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Paperback: 522 pages
ISBN: 9781938271441
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Genre: Biography, Memoir, Autism, Brain Cancer

A typical family–husband, wife, and two children–were thrust into a life of uncertainty when their youngest son, Jack, was diagnosed with autism. Together, the family navigated a new reality they could not perceive while guiding Jack through a world his mind struggled to comprehend. Their hardest trial, however, came when Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer as a teen.

MY NAME IS JACK JOHNSON, BUT I’M NOT THE SINGER is the story of a family’s love, perseverance, and determination in the face of unpredictable difficulties. Through Jill Johnson’s journal writings and memories, we get an insightful view into autism, childhood cancer, and the strength of a unique young man. Often touching, sometimes funny, and occasionally heart-breaking, this memoir is Jack’s walk through a life well-lived, not because of adversity, but in spite of it.

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