My Name Is Walter
Written by Paula Rozelle Hanback
and James Hanback, Jr.
Illustrated by Laura Rozelle Bagnall

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Paperback: 44 pages
ISBN: 9781938271120
ASIN: B00B76J7U0
Dimensions: 8×10
Weight: 0.23 lbs.
Genre: Children’s; Animals; Dogs
eBook Edition: $4.99
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When puppy Walter is adopted and separated from his littermates, he is both nervous and excited about his new life and the adventures on which he is about to embark. But when his new human family discovers that living with a dog requires as much work as it does love and fun, Walter finds himself banished to their backyard, where he is chained to a stake: all day, all night, and in all weather.

Soon Walter’s family abandons him completely, and he is thrown into the street.

Hurt, hungry, and alone, Walter is quickly discovered by a new family. They work feverishly through long days and nights to help him recover from the neglect he suffered at the hands of his old family.

Can Walter’s newfound friends restore his strength and his faith in humanity?

Based on the true events surrounding the discovery of an abandoned Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix on the streets in the White’s Creek area of Nashville, Tennessee, My Name Is Walter is a cautionary tale about responsibility and pet ownership. In real life, Walter’s story captured the imagination of many and seemed to unite the world against the horror of animal cruelty. This book is intended to honor Walter and all abused and neglected pets with its message of responsible pet ownership.