The Orphans
by Lisa Kaye Presley

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Paperback: 70 pages
ISBN: 9780983761006
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Genre: Juvenile Fiction; Family; Christian
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There was something strange about the man who was being attacked by the angry mob of villagers in the streets of Jerusalem that day. Timothy, an orphan living on the streets, couldn’t put his finger on it before he was whisked away by Rachael, a kind villager. Rachael and her husband Samuel offer Timothy and his little sister Sarah a place to live and earn their keep, teaching them to be thankful to God for all they have.

Months later, the new family takes a trip to see a mysterious man that Samuel calls “Master.” Timothy is stunned by the thousands in the crowd who are there to hear the man speak. This “Master” seems to be able to make the blind see and the lame walk. It is then that Timothy realizes that the “Master” is the same man he met among the angry mob in the streets of the village that day, a man who turned out to be a teacher and a miracle worker.

The Orphans is a walk with Timothy as he goes on a journey from questioning who this “God” and “Master” is to finding a joy and peace he had never known.

Lisa Kaye Presley is a writer living in Donelson, Tennessee. She has lived in Nashville for more than 30 years and considers it home. Her work has been published in The Tennessean and Nashville Banner newspapers.