You’ve Written It. What Now?

Anyone can publish a book these days. The advent of POD (Print On Demand) technology has removed the cost barrier that kept many talented authors from seeing their work in print. Self-publishing websites have brought publication within the reach of many talented writers.

However, in many cases, the end product turns out to be a disappointment. Most POD sites use standardized templates to design books. The result is a low-quality, cookie-cutter product that will not attract booksellers to stock the book, nor book buyers to purchase it.

Two Peas Publishing was created to provide top-notch writers with the top-notch design their books deserve.

If you’ve always wanted to publish your own book but were unhappy with the quality of the offerings in the self-publishing world, Two Peas is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Is Self-Publishing For You?

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